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Jesus explains this truth in his parable of the sower (found in Matthew 13:3-9 kjv). The sower is Jesus, the seed is God's holy word (and truth); the soil is a person's own soul.

Soil by itself cannot produce fruit, it is the seed that bears the life. Likewise, our souls cannot produce spiritual life without Christ's implantation.

When we hear or read the word (of biblical truth), it is then up to us. Once a seed is planted, the soil makes all the difference; meaning, once the word (or seed) of truth is planted in your heart, will you cooperate? Will you live as God has ordained us to live (by the commandments)? As the Lord pointed out, without a proper environment, the seed of life cannot flourish.

Will you produce the fruit...or will your own [lack of will] create stony places? Will the world of shifting sands, unstable ground, indulgences of unstable life, choke the word of God? Or will you create good soil that multiplies fruit by acting upon the word and living it?

The word of God is #truth; we are the soil! " ...for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." (Genesis 3:19 kjv).
Will you be the wayside? as some who do not hear and the enemy steals the truth away....
a stony place? having no depth and tribulation takes truth away....
thorns? the cares of this world (including riches) deceiving...
or the good ground? multiplying and bringing forth His Holy fruit!

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