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There are many countless groups of scientists, historians, mathematicians, astrologers, masons, scholars, teachers, religious leaders, books, documents, websites and everything else you can think of that are offering so called "secret knowledge" or "secret society" information. The internet has brought the world together in a way that was unthinkable in the past. This modern times reality in itself proves the authority of the Holy Bible scriptures, by fulfilling the end times prophecies that proclaim: "knowledge shall be increased" (Daniel 12:4), and a "falling away" from Biblical doctrine (2 Thessalonians 2:3) will happen, and that people will "heap themselves to teachers" (2 Timothy 4:3) in the last days.

One of the most fascinating forms of so called "hidden knowledge" that people today are looking into, is the information that relates to the movie National Treasure. The secret free mason societies, what they said and did, their codes, messages found on American money and in American architecture, and how it relates to the federal government, etc... When you look into this, it will reveal tons of information about history, religion, astronomy, science, math, etc... All a bunch of truth and lies mixed together, blended and handed to you like a toxic cocktail that will make you totally wasted.

+ It's overwhelming, and it's full of stuff that most people did not know about. That is essentially what destroys many people who look into this and other secret information... Because they did not know about it, and when it's presented to them as if historical or religious truth, it makes them think that it's all authority and truthful. And when it contradicts Biblical Christian beliefs, they then are tempted to turn away from God to follow the so called secret society teachings instead.

But what secrets, what society of MAN could be more interesting, more powerful, more fascinating than the secret society of the very TRUE GOD ALMIGHTY? Beyond the standard basics of Christianity (that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God, who must be accepted, his death payment for sins must be accepted, and conversion to Biblical Christianity must take place to avoid damnation to eternal HELL) there is many levels of Christianity, that sadly even many self proclaiming Christians do not know about. These levels are therefore, secret.

When someone receives salvation through Jesus Christ, and begins to learn of God through the Holy Bible, they begin to change their lives into a new life. They are transformed. They are turned from people who follow their own ways and choices, into Godly people who follow God's ways and choices. At some point, the progression could halt at what seems to be a standard Biblical Christian lifestyle. But if they keep going, seeking Jesus farther and farther, they will be tested and tried (to find out how true and devoted to Jesus Christ alone that they are). They will be proved whether or not that they are trustworthy with God's truth. They will be proved whether or not that they are trustworthy with God's gifts. This testing will happen in many different ways. And if they are able to "overcome" as Jesus calls it, then they get promoted to a new level of understanding and power in their Christianity. This process goes on and on and is never ending in levels.

There is secret knowledge, wisdom, and POWER that can be achieved, gained and become active in the life of an Apostle of Jesus Christ. And it's not a toxic cocktail of simply true and false history, math, science, architecture, etc.... Rather, it's all pure 100% TRUE secret wisdom, knowledge and power, not of a man made secret society, but of GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SECRET SOCIETY.

The reason it's secret? Because only the worthy are able to achieve it. And when they do, it's much greater than anything that the world has to offer... It begins with this introduction right here.

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