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It shouldn't take long to think up any of the various "movements" that we are talking about, you hear about them almost every day. They say they have rights, and their movements are quickly turning from them supposedly fighting for their own rights... to them fighting to remove the rights of the opposed. Through media (TV, Movies, News, Etc) brainwashing (where they keep exposing you to specific content, and telling you how you should think over and over) and desensitization (making you see it and hear it constantly as if a normal part of life) they are successfully manipulating others into:

(1)giving up their right to their own opinions,
(2)giving up their right to their own freedom of speech,
(3)giving up their right to their own freedom of religion,
(4)giving up their own traditional religious doctrines,
(6)turning into puppets so that they don't have to face retaliation harassment,
(7)converting people over to their side through brainwashing (where the victim thinks that they have changed their mind, when in fact they are suffering a form of brainwashing post traumatic stress disorder, that has created pathways in the brain).

What is happening to the liberty that our ancestors gave their lives to create? What will happen to our children if we all shut up?

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