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In Jerusalem, the Holy Land: they still know where Jesus walked and visited, and they have tours that can show you. The Holy Bible gives record of his life and what he said and taught.

When Jesus was nailed to the cross, the Romans were commanded to make sure he died. The Romans gave testimony that they killed him. Countless witnesses saw Jesus hanging on that cross, and saw him die.

They took his body, and put it into a tomb. Jerusalem tours can show you the remains of this tomb. Jesus Christ is the only one to ever bring himself back to life by his own power. He brought himself back to life, proving that he has power over death.

Because Jesus Christ was famous, and called KING by many - the Romans rolled a massive boulder (that took several strong men to push) over the opening of the tomb, and positioned 24 hour guards to protect it. Later, after they got word that Jesus Christ was alive again among the people - they reopened it, and he was gone! Jesus then visited again with his people for 40 days before he ascended into Heaven.

When he ascended, there were some 500+ witnesses who saw him rise into the air and go to Heaven. Jerusalem tours know the place where he left the earth and ascended into Heaven, they can take you there.

In Paris France, a church has part of the Crown of Thorns that was put onto Jesus' head in mockery. All around the world, thorns from the crown, as well as small pieces of the cross he was on circulate.

The shroud (the cloth that his temporarily dead body was wrapped in) is well know to have his image mysteriously singed onto it from when he brought himself back to life.

He is real, he is historical, he is the truth, and if you accept him, he can change your life exactly how the Holy Bible scriptures says he can. Countless people throughout history give testimony witness of this fact, and so do we. Please read more...

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