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// PRAYER 70: The Forgiveness Prayer #forgive #prayer #christian* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Son Of God,
Savior Jesus Christ,
forgive me please,
for I am a sinner.
I have made so many horrible mistakes.
I have done so much wrong.
My choices have made my life Godless and desolate.
But your word says that if I accept You Jesus,
and renounce my old ways,
and renounce the devil,
I will be saved.
Oh Lord help!
Please save me Lord Jesus!
I recognize my sins,
and I know that I must change.
I accept you as my only God!
I accept you as my Savior!
I accept you as my rock of salvation!
Clean me,
wash me,
purge me,
deliver me,
save me before it’s too late.
For I have nothing without you,
I need you so much!
Save my soul oh Lord.
Thank you Jesus.
Thank you!
I shall start a new life today.
Thy Kingdom Come!

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