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// HELP! Releasing Problems To Jesus Christ #faith #saved* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Hey friend, there is a lot of trouble in the world. We hear about it all the time. But we need to focus on what's important. A fact that we must accept...

This life here is only temporary - not permanent. And even more important, is to know that there is a next life. It's promised to us by Jesus Christ (whether it be good for some, or horrible for others). He is the author of #TRUTH. And he has proclaimed that no one and nothing can mess up the future life that he has set up for the #SAVED. And that life, the second life, is defined by Jesus as permanent and undefiled.

God will judge all evil, and destroy them. He has vowed this, and he is the #TRUTH>.

So when you suffer, focus on Jesus and remember what he has promised for the #SAVED.

+Jesus Christ will FIX, RESTORE, HEAL and REPAIR (the good).
+Jesus Christ will SMITE, DESTROY, PUNISH, AFFLICT, CRUSH (the evil).

So when you suffer, or hear or read of others suffering, or are tormented by some garbage they try to expose you to - tell yourself the following: "Please Jesus, take this into your hands to deal with somehow" and do your best to mentally, emotionally and spiritually release it into his hands. Because somehow, someway: Jesus will deal with it. Amen.

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