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Joe: “I use to think that maybe I believed in God, until I became more scientific and realized that science cannot prove the existence of God. That would be like trying to prove a “negative”, and as you know the old saying “seeing is believing” and “I believe what I can see”. I’m way to scientific now to believe in god."

Mack: “That’s like me, only I use to think that I was scientific, until I started having religious experiences that were way better than science, and realized that science was too lacking to be able to comprehend or explain my experiences.”

Joe: “Well the unexplainable phenomenon of religious experiences cannot be taken into account by science.”

Mack: “Right, science cannot take religious experiences into account, because they supercede the limited capacity of science and the comprehension of scientists. Scientists live in a controlled box and refuse to step out into more powerful knowledge. The more I studied the genius level writings in the Holy Bible, searching for secret and powerful knowledge to expand my mind beyond the theories of man, and I began to compare how their ancient prophecies of the future were so accurately being fulfilled now, that I realized no other book in existence was like it. I was able to see the Bible confirmed as truth more and more, and began to believe what I was seeing. And once my faith began, I started to experience even more the real proof of the existence of God. Tangible evidence, that was so real, nothing could dis-credit it. Nothing could convince me otherwise.”

Joe: “Well we have theories.”

Mack: “The thought of “scientists” who are busy working on “theories”, makes me laugh, because it has been hard over the years for science to explain how it is that the bumble bee can fly with their body mass compared to their wing capacity. And it has been hard over the years for science to explain where the fruit fly comes from, suddenly buzzing around peaches. There have been many “theories”. I had to learn that “science” is a collection of “theories” of man, theories that are only accepted until new theories prove them wrong. And that means that they have no foundation. Therefore nothing, not even science is founded IF it is not founded on God’s truth –> which does not change. And Gods truth has always been right, even before the genius scientists aligned with it. Such as in the Holy Bible saying that you cannot number the stars. Or the Holy Bible saying that the Earth is suspended among the stars.

Joe: “Boy you Christians think you know everything.”

Mack: “Yeah, we do, and you scientists think you do too. But let me ask you this, what good will science do when you need answers and explanations to what science does not understand? What good will science do when you are in trouble, and need supernatural help to turn to? What good will science do when you need a miracle? What good will science do to help you learn of how you should be living your life the right way? And what good will science do when your soul comes to it’s judgement day of whether you did right or wrong?”

Science was invented by GOD, reguardless of the reject of this fact by "scientists". However, sometimes, things align together. NASA, top scientists of the world, took a photo in “the Heavens” and published it among the nations of the world. They called it, “the hand of GOD”... And it is a fulfillement of Bible prophecy.

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