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// PRAYER 73: The Strong Tower Of The Lord Jesus Christ #prayer #christian* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

The strong tower of the Lord Jesus Christ,
is safe and secure.
I will enter in and go to the highest floor.
And when I see out the window,
the demons of hell and their puppet people parading all around,
I will not be afraid.
I will shut the curtains and remain in peace.
For you oh Lord Jesus promised to remain with me.
And you always keep your promises.
No evil will ever touch me.
Even when it's all around,
even when it’s right next to me,
it has no power over me,
for only you Jesus have power over me.
I renounce all enemy lies and fear.
For I have the Christian right to live in peace and saftey,
here in the strong tower of the Lord.
This strong-tower will never fall.
It will never weaken.
It will never be moved,
For it is build upon the rock!

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