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// PRAYER 75: It's So Hard For Me To Forgive @others #prayer #christian #forgive* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus,
It's so hard for me to forgive.
It's so hard to release these unforgiving memories.
It’s so hard to move on, it seems hopeless.
Send your Holy Spirit to strengthen me,
for I know that only through you can I really be free of this.
You alone are the one who set’s the captives free.
Help me to find freedom.
Help me to understand your ways.
You forgave me,
and you forgave them.
Even when they refuse you,
even when they hate you,
you still offer them forgiveness.
Help me to understand that I must follow you,
and through you, forgive them also.
Even if they don’t recognize that they have done wrong.
Even if they don’t ask my forgiveness,
I must forgive, through your Holy name.
And beyond forgiving others,
I must forgive myself.
Right now,
I choose to forgive,
and I choose to release these unforgiving memories up to you.
Please heal and cleanse me of this oh Lord,
for forgiveness is of God, and it is your way.
Help me also to remember,
Even though You offer forgiveness,
You are and will be a Perfect and Righteous judge.

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