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Friends, we spend way too much time worrying about the past, present and future. We need to give ourselves a break from this.

There are many problems, but things are pretty good too. Did you know that the reason this world is as safe as it is now, is because of Christianity! It was generations of the Biblical truth, that teaches people the difference between right and wrong, and tells them to do good, and to do loving things, that has lead to the best of what we have right now..

We can praise God that there is still so much beauty, so much good in the world.

We can take time to thank God for the lives we have, and ask him to help with the problems.

We can take a break from focusing on our problems, to focus on God and other good.

Jesus Christ is a real, living historical figure who is alive and well. He is the only one to bring himself back to life with his own power. Please read about him here.

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