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They sometimes claim that they have looked for God but found nothing. If they are not lying (godless people have no moral law to control lying) then what has happened in their attempts is this - they have tried with their rebellious MIND to find the existence of God.

It is in the HEART where the soul is bound to human flesh during life.

In their mind is where the lifetime of false training, blasphemy, abominations, wickedness, mockery and doubt has existed. If someone does not open their HEART up to God, then they will not be able to receive or perceive God, because God is a Holy Spirit, not a state of mind.

Atheists should be told, that their lack of having God interact in their life or thus proving his existence to them is not Gods fault, or the fault of anyone else. It is their own fault. Why should God interact and prove himself to someone who does not care, love or believe in him? They proclaim themselves godless, so that is what they become, and they will reap the results of godlessness.

God does not need to prove anything to someone who has made themselves his enemy. However, many godless have found themselves in so much trouble that they had no other choice but to turn from their rebellion and start begging God to intervene. Some of them have in result had life changing experiences when God suddenly came into their life, and they have gone on to become awesome saved Christians.

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