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{When Calls The Heart}

season 1

[Introducing Elizabeth Thatcher], a beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted, loving soul {teacher in 1910}, headed to her first teaching job in Coal Valley, Canada, a remnant wild west type of town.

I'm totally into it within the first minute...

...with beautiful landscaping, and authentic time-period settings, takes the viewer into a time travel.

The town looks real, and has {Arts & Crafts} “Mission Style” components in the saloon/school, blending with Elizabeth’s authentic {Victorian} outfits and glamourous hair. She is just beautiful.

On the way to Coal Valley, Elizabeth immediately has the worst day of her life. The problems keep coming and coming, and they keep you on the edge of your seat. But she is determined to overcome them, and suddenly finds herself in a town with a serious situation that needs her help.

Suspense and drama, with {moments} of comedy and hints of romance.

Also introduced is “mountie” Jack Thorton, the new cop in town, who seems to have "bad chemistry" with Elizabeth.

This is the start of what turns out to be one of the best seasons of any show anytime, with two of the best characters ever.

You can watch “When Calls The Heart” season 1 with the whole family. The content is safe, exciting and interesting, and [historical], and leaves you wanting so much to see each movie!

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