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IF we believe that hate and violence must STOP = then we must reject the HALLOWEEN October 31 celebration, which is a HATE HOLIDAY, and CELEBRATION of VIOLENCE, HORROR FESTIVAL!

WE MUST HAVE compassion on the children, who are SUFFERING the Halloween Hate Celebration! Their little minds, emotions and hearts are being victimized by shocking displays of horror, and their parents and other leaders in authority over them having an unexplained transition into hate and violence glorifying, exposing them to wickedness that they should be protecting them from.

+STOP TEACHING our children that glorifying hate and violence once a year is acceptable!

+Neighborhoods should reject households that glorify hate and violence with horror displays!

+Communities should reject events (like horror houses) that glorify hate and violence!

+Shoppers should try to avoid spending money at shops while they are displaying items that are meant to glorify hate and violence!

+Churches should refuse any form of events or celebration during related halloween times, thus teaching complete rejection of hate and violence glorification, instead of being double-minded hypocrites and having “Christian” alternatives!

+All nations, all communities, all people should be teaching the rejection of the Halloween tradition, because it is a tradition of celebrating hate and glorifying violence, which has had destructive results on the minds, emotions and hearts of the people, and on society!

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